About Us

The hand holding personas in the emblem represents the founder’s story, who’s by much hard work, zeal, and support from his constituents were able to start a strong company from a very noble starting point.

The colors represent the company’s values: Red – reflecting our strength as an organization. Yellow – a bright and noticeable color that perfectly represents the hope for a bright and successful future we share to our customers. Blue – as the color of ideals and innovation, represents the wisdom we share as an organization that continually inspires self-improvement and skills mastery.

Gift Microfinance Inc is a financial institution that help individuals finance small business and other individual with its mission to uplift life living, accommodate additional capital needs and convenient institution for those in need. Mr. Gilbert aim to be the most efficient and convenient institute here in Albay whereas helping it’s patron to grow its business.

The Company started its operation on November 27, 2017 that is owned and operated by Mr. Gilbert Malacad, the first Loan officer of the company. He himself establish the GMI system, policies, the products and services. Through the help of his wife, Mrs. Mary Ann Malacad and its board members, they were able to build 6 Gift Microfinance branch and 1 Convenience Store here in Albay.

Mr. Gilbert’s passion for 12 years in service lead him to open more branches to cater individuals

Gift Microfinance is not just offer variety of loans but also offer savings and insurance.

Gift Microfinance also have a Convenience Store, Located at Rizal St. Legazpi City, in frot of St. Agnes Academy. Offers retail items and Gift Certificates.